Summary: 1. “Soul” is a hybrid of upgrade system that provides permanent boosts in players’ characters stat and a mercenary that assist players’ heroes in the battle. Whether players complete quests or kill monsters and bosses, soul is of great use. 2. “Fairyland” is the matching instance for “Soul” feature where players can loot various items related to souls and earn Exp points for them. Moreover, “Fairyland” brings players more fun and pursuit. 3. There are 16 souls divided into 4 categories, each of which has unique in-game look, combat style and skills. They fight alongside players like their protection god. The drop-dead gorgeous skill effects make the battle no longer tedious and will for sure catch your eyes.   Instructions: 1. After players reach a certain level, they can automatically acquire an initial soul based on their own classes. This soul will manifest once players enter a battle. In the meantime, “Soul” icon will show in the game interface. By clicking this icon, players[...]

PVP in Glory of Gods [video]

 Arena Overview: Every warriors here to continue to hone their own skills Gameplay: 1. Self enroll in, then enter waiting queue. Player cannot register inside instance and enter in battlefield. 2. Players will be prepared according the way that players with near points value will match up. 3. Players receive messages about competition entry (10 seconds waiting time) after matchup is done; click here to enter arena. If player cannot login, then it means failure to enter. 4. There are 6 seconds as waiting time after entering game. 5. Killed player fails and living player win in limited 10 minutes. Both sides fail if two players are not killed as deadline arrives. 6. Both sides receive corresponding points after match is over. Weekend Finals: Top 20 players in Arena ranking is selected to be in the finals at midnight on Sunday. The final starts with auto-pairing system on Sunday 20:00-21:00. Arena champion will be rewarded Gold and special titles and figure. Guild War Overview: The war a[...]


Summary:  It's a close friend, a loyal comrade, it won't betray you even they was cast aside. It may weak at the first place, but it will become stronger and stronger. Featured gameplay: 1. There are five kinds of mountsfor players to choose: horse, bear, liger, dragon and unicorn. 2. Every mount has five different qualities, higher quality, higher property, and gorgeous appearance. i.e. for horse, average horse- strong horse- black horse- golden horse- flame horse. 3. Mount island will drop kinds of materials, the mount quality can be improved when collecting enough materials. Mount: lv1: lv2: lv3: lv4:  

Magic Forge

Magic Craft System offers the you various ways to strengthen their power. When the you obtain the necessary materials, they can use the intensification function to improve the equipment's integral feature. There are kinds of gems to be collected to be embedded to the equipment for extra featureas. The Magic Craft System is very helpful, especially when the you face strong enemies or when they get stuck in some fierce battles. Click the button   in the lower right corner, you will see the Magic Forge interface. Enhance: Embed: Remove: Transmute

Dungeon System

Summary: Here is the dark dungeon, burning land, bloodythirsty battlefield, ugly monsters hiding in dark places, the falling heroes are in heavy sleep. Featured gameplay: 1. Tired of killing monsters? This is absoultely not a question! Think about surviving from dangerous monsters, these monsters will show you their skills, all you need to do is respond differently according to the situation. 2. Those warriors who experienced from battles could add the difficulties to get more emphatic battles and awards. 3. Soldiers who fight in teams are the real warriors. Simple teambattle system provides a great place for players thirsty for multiplayers dungeon,With supporting each other, no evil monsters will stand in their way.   Click the top right corner button , you will see the dungeon interface.  
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