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Rune System

The Rune Embedment System can help you get some additional features. Different runes bring different features. The runes of high levels and great quality can bring better additional features. You can get the runes by divination. If you have good luck, you can obtain the best runes. Click the lower right corner button, you will see the rune interface. Click the Divination button, you can obtain the rune. You can get different quality of runes from different diviners. Rune will give your hero sepcial attriution.


Summary: Be a slave or be a lord? Wars ofter happens between guilds. Beat the enemies, letting them know your power. Conquer the weak, making them server you. Featured gameplay: 1.Guild leader can launch the guild war against another guild for once everyday. 2. 2.Each guild can declare the war against other guilds everyday. Once the war is declared, it is unavoidable. 3.The affiliated guilds must turn over 30% of their harvest to the leader guild as tax. 4.If the affiliated guilds can not stand the press of the leader guild, they can declare a war to it. If they win, they will be independent.   Conditions of creating a Guild: A. Reach Lv29 B. Hand in a Medal C. Haven’t joinen other Guild Meet the 3 conditions above to create a Guild. 2. In a guild, you can do the following thing.

Friends System

  Want to have fun in games? Friends are indispensable! Enter the game and click the icon , or press hotkey “I” to open “Friends” window.   There are “Friend”, “Blacklist” and “Enemy” in “Friends” window. Enemy:     When character is PK viciously by others, they will be added into Enemy systematically (information of the same character can be shown both in Friend and Enemy). Blacklist:   It shows the information of members in Blacklist. How to add friends: 1.Click [Add Friend] below Friend window, input name to add friends. 2.Click on the head of any online character, select [Add Friend] in drop down menu. 3.Click character name in Chatbox, select [Add Friend]. There will be a notice after successfully adding a friend. The color of online friends is highlight, while offline is grey. Click the name of friends in Friend window to PM or Team, etc.

Class System

Warrior: Warriors believe that a strong body and absolute power are the key to defeat the enemies. Therefore, they use the divine power to strengthen their bodies without hesitation.  They are very tall and strong. Rogue: Rogues are used to walk in the dark and they have the agilest body. You will never notice a top assassin standing in front of you. "One shot, one kill" is their combat rule. Mage: Mages are physically weak, but they can take the adavantage of the universe force. The powerful mages can ruin a city very easily.   Priest: The kind priests only fight for life. And their strong faith has brought them the ability to cure others. They play the indispensable role in teams.

Talent System

Each talent in the game can be cultivated. It takes certain time to cultivate the talents. The higher the talent level is, the longer the cultivation takes. You should balance you talents to take adavantages of them better. Click here   and see your hero's talent. Warrior Talent: Rogue Talent: Mage Talent: Priest Talent
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