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World Boss

Summary: The elite BOSS of demons always shows up around the Masure Mainland, destroying villages and killing people. Many warriors who tried to beat the BOSS were killed. It is better for adaventurers to stay away from these large creepy monsters in the wild. However, you are able to kill these evil creatures if you have rich battle experience and a determined heart. You heroic will be rewarded. Featured gameplay: 1.The elite monsters show up randomly in the maps. Special tips will be on the screen when the monsters come. 2.The elite monsters drop various items and materials randomly. 3.Prepare well before challenging the elite monsters. They are very dangerous.

Road to God

Inspiration: The humankind who set foot on the road to God by open stength of blood need to go through the test by dragon god's servant. Though these servants have a long way to become God, it still will be a great challange to any warriors who will be on the road. Featured gameplay: 1. As the character grows, players have chance to challenge more powerful God. Abiding by the special game story, players could be god step by step. 2. Different God has different skills, it will be the key to find their weakpoints. 3. Challenge successed, players will gain many awards, as well as powerful skill, and honorable position. 4. Please make sure you prepared well, or you will be defeated by overwhelming God.   Click the button  to see the Road to God interface.  


When the demons invaded the Masure Mainland, the ancient dragon chose some excellent ones among sprites and humans, endowing them the divine power. They built alliances and successfully repelled the demons. But some of them become careerists, like Amora and Rophenk. To fight for the right to rule the continent, these careerists led a war which was far more violent than that against demons. Eventually, Amora and Rophenk was exiled to Devil's Carlo continent. However, they made a quick deal with demons that  Amora would free the sealed demon lord Gorena. And the demons would follow his order in exchange. Consequently, the Masure Mainland will fall into the shadow of war again ...

Map System

Rogge Forest: This is a vibrant and peaceful land. Sprites and humans live peacefully in this fertile forest, where lush trees cover large areas. And various creatures flourish near the river which runs through the forest. There are also some dangerous beasts supported by the sufficient sunshine and rain. They attack all intruders and often become hunters' targets. When the demons first invaded the Masure Mainland, here was the alliance force's last battle field against the demons.    Narachi Highland: The dark clouds cover the sky all year round so that the sunshine hardly gets through. As a result, most areas of the Narachi Highland are in shadow.  The alliance force fight against the demons very fiercely here. The demon portal is hidden deeply in a dark cave while ugly and dangerous monsters continuously comes out of the cave.  The alliance force has paid high price to defend this area, so you can see  broken walls and bones everywhere.   Echo Hill: Strong winds sweep the Echo Hills throughout the year so[...]

VIP System

Enter the game, click the button VIP below the avatar at the upper right corner to open the VIP panel.     Players can buy VIP card from Mall to be a VIP. There are 3 kinds of VIP cards: Weekly VIP Card, Monthly VIP Card and 6-Monthly VIP Card. The valid days of above are 10, 30 and 180 relatively. There is a [VIP] mark of the VIP players when they speak in channels. The color differs accoding to the level of VIP. The colors of above are Cyan, Purple and Yellow relatively. Also, the color of VIP players in the rank list distinguishes from common players: Cyan, Purple and Yellow relatively. VIP(10 days) VIP(30 days) VIP(180 days)
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