[Notice] Maintenance On September 27rd Update

Events: 1 Event 1: The Guy Is On Fire - Flaming Accessories and Phoenix in Accumulative Recharge Reward! Duration: Server Time: 00:00 Sep 27th to 23:59 Oct 9th Details: During the event, you can claim rewards inas long as your accumulative recharge reaches a certain amount. Rewards: Note:Remember to save enough slots in the Inventory to claim the rewards. 2 Event 2: Gem Lottery and Tons of Masoley's Sorrow In Single Recharge! Duration: Server Time: 00:00 Sep 27th to 23:59 Oct 9th Details: During the event, you can get awesome rewards if your single recharge reaches certain amount! Rewards: 3 Event 3: Free Protect Scrolls Are Coming This Way! Duration: Server Time: 00:00 Sep 27th to 23:59 Oct 9th Details: During the event, you can get 5 Protect Scrolls for every 200 Gold consumption, and no limit is imposed!It's Now or Never! Note Please claim the rewards via mail. Updates: 1 PVE 1.1 Lv65 Dungeon-Elysian Land: Feature:The Lv65 dungeon is divided into 9 areas, and you need to leap in so[...]

[Notice] Maintenance On September 23rd Update

Update: 1 Wheel Optimization & New Equips: 1.1 Wheel Optimization: 1.1.1 Different levels in Wheel:Based on the player’s level, the Wheel will have different items: starting from Lv30, and new items will occur every 10 levels. 1.1.2 Optimized number of Masoley's Honor in Wheel:the number has been increased to 5 from 1. 1.2 New Equips:Lv 70 sets for 4 classes: Leeching for Mage, Stealth for Rogue, Stuggy for Warrior, and Iris for Priest. 2. PVP Optimization: 2.1 Adjusted Honor Points:Upper Limit adjusted to 5000; 2.2 Adjusted Honor Shop: New Item: 2.3 Adjusted Masoley’s Sorrow requirement to upgrade PVP set: Lv 50:1 for shoe, head and glove, 2 for armor and pant , 3 for weapon. Lv 60:2 for shoe, head and glove, 3 for armor and pant , 4 for weapon. 3. Bug Fixes: 3.1. Soul: Bug in the RTG dungeon has been fixed. 3.2. The bug in cargo collecting has been fixed. 3.3. The bug in “Learn to Donate” quest has been fixed. 3.4. Chat System:Bug of tabs has been fixed 4. Optim[...]

[Notice] Maintenance On September 16th Update

Events: 1 [EHC Rank] A Deeper Shade of Sorrow-Get on EHC Rank For Flaming Phoenix & Wonderful Rewards Updates: 1 New Function 1.1Enhance Blessing: 1.1.1 You can gain 10 EHC Blessing points by using Protect Scroll*1 in Enhance. 1.1.2 When EHC Blessing is full, you’re guaranteed to succeed on the next try. 1.1.3 When your Enhance succeeds, the EHC Blessing will be reset as 0. 1.1.4 EHC Blessing will be reset as 0 at 00:00 each day.[/INDENT][/INDENT] 2 PVE 2.1 Daily Quest: We’ve significantly optimized daily quests. 2.2 Team: [INDENT]2.2.1 Team Interface has been optimized. 2.2.2 Team Invite: Team Invite message has been optimized. 2.2.3 Team Member Limit: Max number of team members will vary based on difficulty of dungeons. 2.3 Entrust: Dungeon Entrust can complete the quest of that dungeon. 2.4 Wild Map: Drop items of monsters have changed, other bonuses have also increased. 2.5 Branch Quest: As many as 300 new side quests have been added. 3 Soul EXP: All dungeons have been changed to Soul du[...]

[Event] Rune Hunter Round 3!—Get the New Rune to Beef Yourself Up

Duration: Server Time: Sep 9th 00:00 to Sep 15th 23:59 Participants: JoyHeat S1-S4, kongregate, Kabam, ArmorGames Event Details: During event duration, as long as posted purple or above rune will get reward! Rewards: [M. Herculean Bequest]: Lv1 stats M-Atk +2% [P. Herculean Bequest]: Lv1 stats P-Atk +2% [M. Stone Skin]: Lv1 stats M-Def +2% [P.Stone Skin]: Lv1 stats P-Def +2% Tips: You can also get [Essence of Rune]*4 as a bonus if you're lucky to obtain Herculean Bequest/Stone Skin*1 For Example Player A Server: JoyHeat-S1 IGN: GOG01 (He will get [Essence Of Rune]*1) Player B Server: JoyHeat-S1 IGN: GOG01 (He will get [Essence of Rune]*3) Notes: 1.Player can repeat to participate in the activities. 2.Our staff will verify the authenticity of each screenshot. Cheating will lead to disqualification.

[Event]Heaps of Silver and Rewards In This Otherworldly Single Recharge Event!

Event Duration: Server Time: 00:00 Aug 22nd to 23:59 June 28th Participants: JoyHeat S1-S4, kongregate, Kabam, ArmorGames Details: Wreathed in the misery of insufficient enhance materials? Drowned in the fear of a failed attempt to upgrade soul skill? We will dispel the clouds and light your world with sunshine this week! Bonus: [Dreamland Amulet]: It ensures the soul skill level won’t degrade [Protect Scoll]: Ensure the enhance level won’t degrade from Lv8-Lv12 Notes: 1. Feel free to contact us if you have any question.
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