Map System

Rogge Forest:

This is a vibrant and peaceful land. Sprites and humans live peacefully in this fertile forest, where lush trees cover large areas. And various creatures flourish near the river which runs through the forest. There are also some dangerous beasts supported by the sufficient sunshine and rain. They attack all intruders and often become hunters’ targets. When the demons first invaded the Masure Mainland, here was the alliance force’s last battle field against the demons. 


Narachi Highland:

The dark clouds cover the sky all year round so that the sunshine hardly gets through. As a result, most areas of the Narachi Highland are in shadow.  The alliance force fight against the demons very fiercely here. The demon portal is hidden deeply in a dark cave while ugly and dangerous monsters continuously comes out of the cave.  The alliance force has paid high price to defend this area, so you can see  broken walls and bones everywhere.


Echo Hill:

Strong winds sweep the Echo Hills throughout the year so that  most of this area is covered with sands. And the  rocks have been eroded by the sand winds. Almost no creatures can survive here due to the extremely hash natural conditions. Only a few desert dwellers, flora and fauna live in the oasis. When the demons invade again, the desolate desert center will become demons’ best forward position. It is extremely risky to get into this area at any time.


Lava Vally:

The demons has  set up their own fortress in the narrow valley and keep training new demons to strengthen their own troops. There are burning flames and narrow mountain roads everywhere. Because of this, it is easy for the travelers to fall off the cliff. The extreme environment has pushed the animals to evolve into dangerous monsters in large size with high attack. Some even has mutated into extremely bloodthirsty creepies. The alliance force has sent a large number of warriors to stop the demons’ plan. However, the demons and ferocious animals have caused the alliance force serious casualties.


Sorrow Tundra:

This is a world blended of ice and fire. Most of the lands and the rivers are in frozen perennially. The hard ice sheets  and reefs  underwater have caused many merchant ships run aground. But in a corner of the white world, there is a huge crater. The roiling magma and emiting hot air indicate that the volcano is very active. Perhaps one day, the volcano will erupt. The aborigines on the Sorrow Tundra have guarded the energy tower from generation to generation. But now it seems that the demons want to touch this area. Hence, the energy tower really are in urgent need of the warriors’ help.