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Close Beta Events

When the demons invaded the Masure Mainland, the ancient dragon chose some excellent ones among sprites and humans, endowing them the divine power. They built alliances and successfully repelled the demons. But some of them become careerists, like Amora and Rophenk. To fight for the right to rule the continent, these careerists led a war which was far more violent than that against demons. Eventually, Amora and Rophenk was exiled to Devil’s Carlo continent. However, they made a quick deal with demons that  Amora would free the sealed demon lord Gorena. And the demons would follow his order in exchange. Consequently, the Masure Mainland will fall into the shadow of war again …

Are you ready? The Closed Beta Server will be released on September 27th! Start your journey here! Wonderful game, along with New Server events of bountiful rewards are waiting for you!

Event 1: Log in to get bountiful rewards!

Event 2: Upgrade to get Gold from Glory of Gods!

Event 3: Receive Your Newbie Code for Start-up Necessities

Event 4: Gods’ expectation

Event 5: Mr. Bug Finder