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[Closed] Mr. Bug Finder

We have been listening to our players and valuing the feedbacks of players. We believe that suggestions and opinions of players are our most valuable wealth. In this Closed Beta, we sincerely invite you guys to find out the bugs of the game. Come on, warriors!
Guys, if you find any bugs or you have any suggestions, please post in following the procedure below. We will collect regularly and submit to the relevant departments.

Posting Format:
1.    Time you when found the bug
2.    Map where you found the bug
3.    Detailed description of bug
4.    In game name
5.    Screenshot of bug


1. We will reward players with 100 to 1000 gold in CBT server according to the feedbacks on bugs they have made once per week.

2. For these players who have found out many bugs or put forward sound suggestions, we will present attractive gifts to them in the formal server later so as to show our gratitude to their support.


1.    The bugs players posted will be tested by the Technology Dept. if it does exist, it will count as a valid bug.
2.    If there are many players posting a same bug, we’ll regard the first one who posted it as valid. If the bug existed ever and is amended now, it’s invalid.
3.    Please leave your correct contact information so that we can contact with you timely.
4.    We will post the amended bugs and suggestions regularly.
5.    This thread only collects bugs and suggestions. No irrigating! All right reserved by Gloryofgods.

Event Link: http://forum.gloryofgods.com/showthread.php?23-Event-Mr-Bug-Finder

Note: All character info will be deleted when the Closed Beta Server is closed.