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[Event] Recharge gold and get free crystal bonus

Event Details:

Amazing Gifts with more benefits are prepard here for you. Once you recharge and withdraw the requirement in your account in the 1st 7 days after server releasing, you will obtain Crystal Bonus. Hurry up to get them now!

Event Duration:

1st 7 days after server releasing


All players

Crystal Bonus:

Enhancement Gift: 10 Enhance Stone、8 Jr Protect Scroll、3 Sr Protect Scroll

Gem Gift: one Lv 4 HP gem, one Lv 2 mana gem, one Lv 2 crit gem, one Lv 2 reverse gem, four embed scrolls, two remove pages and two gem transmute scrolls

Mount Pack: 1 Mount Master+12 Cavalry Mark+1 Mount Socket+1 Deed+5 Advanced Feed+240 Energy Grass+80 Energy Spring




1. Players can claim multiple rewards as long as they have fulfilled the requirement for each of them.


If a player has recharged 3000 gold, he/she will obtain:

Deposit, Crystal, Gem Gift, Any of the avatars for 30 days, any of those mount packs

2. If players are eligible for the rewards of the 30-day avatar or mount packs, they need to inform our team of what avatar or mount pack they are fond of via in-game ticket system. If a player has not provided us with the details 3 days after the end of the event, the system will issue a random avatar or mount pack to him/her as rewards.

3. All the rewards will be issued to the corresponding players within three working days after the end of the event.

How to Claim

The rewards will be sent after the events, please check in your backpack.