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[Event]Think Tank—-Express your opinion about each class.

Event Duration:
Server Time: 00:00 Aug 8th to 23:59 Aug 14th

JoyHeat S1-S4, kongregate, Kabam, ArmorGames

Each class has its distinctive advantage in GOG: Warrior boasts high HP and Def; Rogue reigns supreme in 1V1 battle; Mage deals large-scale damage with AOE skills; Priest is unparalleled in healing and assisting skills. But each coin has two sides: certain class can be extremely powerful in PVP while some may feel frustrated in PVP despite their excellence in PVE. We need your opinions about how to improve the gaming experience and make the game more balanced.
During the event,each participant can get Protect Scroll by expressing any opinion about class optimization(class skills, talent, etc). If the opinion is adopted by us,you can even obtain Essence of Rune,Masoley’s Sorrow and tons of Gold!


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For Example
Player A
Server: Joyheat-S1
I think team healing skill and damage output of the priest should be upgraded, coz the priest is not very useful now both in PVP and PVE.

1.Each player is allowed to express multiple opinions.
2.Our staff will verify the authenticity of all opinions.