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[Notice] Aug 1st Maintenance

1. Wheel of Wonder – Turn the Wheel for bonus Essence of Rune!
2. During the PVP period this week, extra Honor points will double.

1. PVE
1.1 Chances: Reduced to 15 times, and Character EXP and Soul EXP gained from solo dungeons have been increased, VIPI, II,III can have 3,5 and 10 extra chances respectively.
1.2 Info Display : We’ve optimized the way the detailed info is displayed on the right side.

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1.3 Ice Road: The powers of mob skills have been reduced.

2.1 BOSS: Duration of some DEBUFF has been reduced.
2.2 Mobs:The EXP of mobs and Boss has been adjusted.

3.1 Luna Lake: The bug which causes player to attack other players from opposing camps by single-clicking has been fixed.
3.2 Chances: Reduced to 20 times, and Honor Points gained from each match have been increased. VIPI, II, III can have 5, 10 and 15 extra chances respectively.

4 Guild
4.1 Announcement: The display error in Guild Donation has been fixed.
4.2 Guild War: Lower level guild can now challenge higher level guild.

5 Other:
5.1 The Skin and Weapon from 1st recharge can now be exchanged using [Masoley’s Sorrow].

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5.2 [Masoley’s Sorrow] has been added to Wheel of Fortune.
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5.3 SOUL: Some active and passive skills of Soul have been optimized.
5.4 The layout of mini-map on top right corner has been optimized.

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5.5 Escort: The starting point has been changed, and the player is stuck in PK Mode during escort.
5.6 The bug which causes Daily icon to flash has been fixed.
5.7 The bug in SOUL RANK has been fixed.

GOG Team