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[Notice] Aug 15th Maintenance

1.[Event] Wisdom of the Masses! Wave 1—-A Guide For Newbie
2.Requiem For A Dream-Upgrade Soul Skill To Get Awesome Rewards!
3.Discount This Week:
[Dreamland Amulet] Original Price 49, Discounted Price 35
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(Please buy corresponding items in shop–>Limited Time Sale Zone)

1 Equip Optimization
1.1 Necklace & Ring: The stats have been boosted significantly.
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1.2 Necklace & Ring: Set effect has been optimized.
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1.3 Necklace & Ring: The materials needed in combination have been optimized.
1.4 Shards of Equips:Shards obtained from splitting purple and orange equips have been optimized.
1.5 Stats:The stats gap between green, purple and orange equips has been widened.

2.1 Soul Skill:Highest skill level has been raised from Lv5 to Lv6.
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3.1 Drop:Only the equips of the character’s class will be displayed in drop list.
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3.2 Lv50 Dungeonifficulty has been lowered and the rewards have been adjusted.
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4 Other Optimization
4.1 Guild:When joining a guild, the Apply option won’t be shown if the guild has reached max population or max application.
4.2 Side Quest:You can now click Guild Boss quest to open the Boss panel, and click Burning Island quest to open corresponding panel in PVP.
4.3 Rebirth Panel:Optimized descriptions on buttons, the original descriptions have been changed to 100% Rebirth and Free Rebirth.
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4.4 AFK Optimization:The player could still run in the map when quitting a dungeon. The bug has been fixed.

5 BUG Fixes
5.1 Goal:The icon will flash when there’s something for the player to claim.
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5.2 Event: During escort, the player could go to wrong NPC when clicking Go button. The bug has been fixed.
5.3 Mount:The error in mount stats has been fixed.

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