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[Notice] Aug 22nd Maintenance


1. Single Recharge Event: Heaps of Silver and Rewards In This Otherworldly Single Recharge Event!

2. Daily Event: Use Entrust function to benefit yourself!


1 New Function

2 Adjusted Class Skill

2.1 Mage

2.1.1 Fatigue Curse:It will be released instantly
2.1.2 Evil Curse:It will now reduce the M-ATK of the target, CD will be increased by 10 seconds.
2.1.3 Magic Blade:The skill will have chance to cause 1 second of stun, instead of explosion damage.
2.1.4 Blizzard:The skill will significantly reduce the moving speed of the target.
2.1.5 Anger of Thor:The skill will root a group of enemies for 1 second.
2.1.6 Arcane Quake: The new Silence effect has been added.

2.2 Priest
2.2.1 Bright Blessing:The skill effect has been changed to increase M-ATK and P-ATK for a single friendly unit.
2.2.2 Mind Blast:The skill can now root the target for 1 second in addition to the original effect.
2.2.3 Sacred Will:The skill effect has been changed to remove all debuffs on yourself and enjoy a 200% speed increase for 4 seconds.
2.2.4 Confess Pray:The skill effect has been changed to reduce the moving speed and attacking speed of a group by 50%.
2.2.5 Deprive:The skill effect has been changed to reduce M-DEF and P-DEF of a single target by 95%.


3.1 Monster:The Dodge rate of all monsters has been changed to 0.
3.2 World BOSS:World Boss has been renamed as Demon Lord,and some drop items have been optimized.
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3.3 SOLO Dungeon:A new Lv30 Solo dungeon has been added, which will provide Lv30 green equips.
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3.4 Team:After the maintenance, as many as 2 players will be allowed in a team.


4.1 SkyCity War:The HP of King and Guards will be increased, while the number of other aiding NPCs will be reduced.
4.2 Escort:Escort Insurance has been canceled.
4.3 Level gap unfairness:In PVP, the attribute decrease caused by level gap will be canceled.
4.4 Crit-Def:Constitution will significantly boost the Crit-Def of players.
4.5 Crit:The Crit rate bonus from Dexterity will be slightly reduced.
4.6 Damage Output in PVP:The damage inflicted in PVP will be reduced.


5.1 Lich Queen: Lich Queen will recover 10% HP after killing a player, instead of 25%.

6 Guild

6.1 Guild Panel:The attacking and defending guilds will be displayed in Countdown panel.

7 Other

7.1 Lowered requirement of dungeon Daily goals:The required times to complete the goal has been reduced from 15 to 9.
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7.2 PK Mode:In a neutral map, the player will be switched to Peace mode if he/she’s not in Escort or other statuses that require PK.
7.3 New Transfer Portal:New transfer portals to Sky City have been added in Civic Hall and Mysterious Wood.
7.4 Character Panel:New tips have been added while original tips have been optimized.

8 BUG Fixes

8.1 The bugged icon when collecting drop items from Guild Boss has been fixed.
8.2 The bugged icon in the mail attachment has been fixed.
8.3 Guild Member:The bug which would display members of exactly the same name has been fixed.
8.4 Sometimes, The loading process would be stuck at 100%, this bug has been fixed.