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[Notice] Aug 8th Maintenance

1.Think Tank—-Express your opinion about each class.

2.Discount This Week:
[True Sight Potion] Original Price 49, Discounted Price 19
[Lv3 Con Gem] Original Price 99, Discounted Price 69
[Lv3 Sta Gem] Original Price 99, Discounted Price 69
(Please buy corresponding items in shop–>Limited Time Sale Zone)
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1. PVE
1.1 Team: Two members are allowed in a team at most, and the difficulty of dungeons has been lowered.
1.2 Dungeon Chances:The display error of dungeon chances for VIP3 player has been fixed.
1.3 Hell: Team-Hard has been removed, the orange equips will drop in Hell.

2. Guild
2.1 A message will appear in Guild channel when guild diamond increases.

3. Enhance
3.1 The enhance level won’t degrade until +5 now, not +7
3.2 Auto-Enhance:Auto-Enhance is available now at +5.
3.3 Auto-Enhance:Silver will be consumed now in Auto-Enhance.
3.4 Silver Cost: Different qualities of equip cost different amount of Silver in enhance: Green 250/Purple 500/

Orange 1000

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4. Rebirth
4.1 Rebirth Item:Rebirth Cross in Crystal Shop can recover 100% character HP, and it’s priced at 119; Gold price is lowered from 10 to 6.

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4.2 Optimized Rules of Rebirth:
4.2.1 In PVP dungeons,12-second CD for free rebirth,with full HP and MP.
4.2.2 In PVE dungeons,12-second CD for free rebirth,with 35% HP and MP.
4.2.3 In wild maps,12-second CD for free rebirth,with 35% HP and MP.

5. Potion Shop: Lv3&Lv4 Minor Potion have been added in NPC Shop

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6. Others
6.1 Shop:Optimized Category of items.
6.2 Offline Exp: Total amount of Gold and Silver needed in drawing the exp will be displayed.
6.3 Full Screen button is optimized.
6.4 Soul Rank: Display error has been fixed.

GOG Team