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[Notice] Maintenance On September 16th Update

1 [EHC Rank] A Deeper Shade of Sorrow-Get on EHC Rank For Flaming Phoenix & Wonderful Rewards
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1 New Function
1.1Enhance Blessing:
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1.1.1 You can gain 10 EHC Blessing points by using Protect Scroll*1 in Enhance.
1.1.2 When EHC Blessing is full, you’re guaranteed to succeed on the next try.
1.1.3 When your Enhance succeeds, the EHC Blessing will be reset as 0.
1.1.4 EHC Blessing will be reset as 0 at 00:00 each day.[/INDENT][/INDENT]

2.1 Daily Quest: We’ve significantly optimized daily quests.
2.2 Team:
[INDENT]2.2.1 Team Interface has been optimized.
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2.2.2 Team Invite: Team Invite message has been optimized.
2.2.3 Team Member Limit: Max number of team members will vary based on difficulty of dungeons.

2.3 Entrust: Dungeon Entrust can complete the quest of that dungeon.
2.4 Wild Map: Drop items of monsters have changed, other bonuses have also increased.
2.5 Branch Quest: As many as 300 new side quests have been added.

3 Soul EXP: All dungeons have been changed to Soul dungeons and EXP dungeons.

4 World BOSS:
4.1 World Boss will appear after clicking the stone.
4.2 Based on player levels of the server, World Bosses of different difficulties will appear.

5 Enhance
5.1 Highest Enhance Level of each quality: +7 for Green,+12 for Purple,+20 for Orange.
5.2 Enhance Rate Reminder: An Enhance Rate Reminder is added.

6 Other Optimization
6.1 UI: Overall UI has been optimized.
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6.2 Potion: Swift Potion has been removed, and potions in Luna Lake has been optimized.
6.3 Meditating: Meditating panel has been optimized.
6.4 Special Effect when HP runs low: Stunning effect will appear when HP runs low.
6.5 SOUL: Soul skill CD and Character skill CD won’t affect each other;Soul skill can be released manually.
6.6 Skill: When you open skill panel, upgradable skill will appear first.
6.7 Mute Button: Mute button is added back to mini map.
6.8 Event: Some events have been added to Daily.
6.9 Full Screen Button: Full Screen Button has been optimized.
6.10 Stacked Items after combination: Items will be stacked after combination.

7 BUG Fixes
7.1 Chat System: Emotion bug in Chat system has been fixed.