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[Notice] Sep 2nd Maintenance

Dear player, from now on, the weekly maintenance will be conducted at 00:00 every Monday, instead of Thursday. We thank you for your unwavering support and will bring you the best gaming experience.

Check more details about Lv6 Gems and relavent event, please >>>>click here<<<<.

1 All events will last until next Monday
2 We have replenished discounted items

1 New System

1.1 Chat System:We’ve added PM Box and Guild Chat Box into the chat system.
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2.1 RTG:Difficulty of some RTG dungeons has been adjusted.
2.2 Dungeon Entrust:Introductions on some icons have been optimized.

3 Guild

3.1 Left Mouse Menu:PM has been placed at 2nd place, Retire and Promote to VP have been placed at 3rd and 4th place respectively.
3.2 Donate:You’re required to enter at least 2000 Silver.
3.3 Guild War:Display error of Attacker and Defender when waging a war has been fixed.

4 Optimization

4.1 Soul: Upgrade tab in Soul panel has been removed.
4.2 Broadcast:The option to close the broadcast has been added. Click to close the broadcast, and you won’t see any broadcast in 10 minutes.
4.3 Escort Assistance:The icon has been optimized.
4.4 Dungeon Entrust:Introductions on some icons have been optimized.

5 BUG Fix

5.1 Guild:The display error which duplicates same member has been fixed.