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[Notice] Sep 9th Maintenance

Dear all, since we have optimized the challenge rewards of each chapter of Road to God,
the record which is related to RTG has been deleted. Please reply the thread and give us your level, IGN, and server. We will send the RTG vigors according to your level.

1. [Event] Rune Hunter Round 3!—Get the New Rune to Beef Yourself Up
2. The gold cost of first 3 rune divination will be adjusted as 20, 50 and 100 this week.
3. In Funace-Misc-Gifts, you can exchange Essence Rune Frag. for Essence of Rune this week.
4. You can exchange for Essence Rune Frag. in Honor Shop this week.
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5. Demon Lord will randomly drop Essence Rune Frag. this week.
6. You can randomly get Essence Rune Frag. from Nature Gem in Eudemon Center this week.
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7. You can get Essence Rune Frag. by staying online this week!
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1 New Function

1.1 World Level:Low level players can enjoy considerable EXP bonus.
1.2 New Runes:4 new runes.

1.2.1 [M. Herculean Bequest]: Lv1 stats M-Atk +2%
1.2.2 [P. Herculean Bequest]: Lv1 stats P-Atk +2%
1.2.3 [M. Stone Skin]: Lv1 stats M-Def +2%
1.2.4 [P.Stone Skin]: Lv1 stats P-Def +2%

1.3 Lv5 Pot:New Lv5 Major and Minor pots in Shop.
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2.1 Demon Lord
2.1.1 System message about the demon lord has been removed.
2.1.2 HP Bar:Detailed figures will be displayed.
2.2 Difficulty : The difficulty error in Solo panel has been fixed.


3.1 Chapter Reward:The rewards by completing the first chapter have been much better.
3.2 Original Wheel:We’ve removed the original wheel.

4 Optimization

4.1 VIP Store: VIP Store is visible to all players now.
4.2 Event Time:The time of some events has been adjusted to accommodate more players.
4.3 Chat System:You can now Minimize Chat Box.
4.4 Rune: Rune Summon is available to VIP1 players now.
4.5 MiniMap: Mail and Rank buttons have been optimized. Name:  13.jpg<br /><br />
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